Specifically designed for frequent fliers and business users.

Our Platinum service is also available as an alternative option for customers with room in their car for our driver, or, customers willing to drop off their passengers and luggage off first at their outbound terminal.

What is the meet and greet service?

APL Parking offers a hassle‐free, simple‐to‐follow adaptation of the Standard “Meet & Greet” Service – where you “Meet” us and WE accompany you down to your Outbound Terminal & then “Greet” you as standard at your Inbound Terminal upon your return.

Is it value for money?

If you travel at least once per month or more out of Liverpool John Lennon Airport or Manchester Airport (or both) ‐ this is perfect for your regular usage.

Banded parking rates apply from 1 to 3 days and 4 to 8 days inclusive.

What about longer periods?

Yes, we cover that! Longer parking periods are available and are charged at a fixed additional service charge on top of our equivalent, standard seasonally flexible “Park & Ride” fees.

Please note: Your day of arrival is the first day of parking and your day of return is your last – Sorry, no half or part days!

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